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Get To Know: Caroline Hernandez

Website and Blog: Sweetcarolinedesigns

Children's Name: Mignonne Katherine Hernandez - 3 years old

Margot Stillwell Hernandez - 19 months

Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

Sweet Caroline Designs x Little English Valentine's Day Collaboration

We are so excited to team up with the very talented Caroline Hernandez this Valentine's Day! Caroline has created gorgeous Valentine's Day cards for your little ones to pass out to their friends and loved ones on this special day. You can even customize each card for a sweet and personal touch! Each card coordinates with our Racing Hearts collection, Cherry Hearts collection and Hearts Collection. Above, Caroline's children are modeling our Hattie Bloomer Set in Cherry Hearts (left) and Hattie Bubble in Cherry Hearts (right). We love pairing these two looks together. It's perfect for a Valentine's day sibling picture as precious as the one above!

Q: What does traditional children's clothing mean to you?

A: I have grown up in The South my entire life and my mom always dressed me and my siblings in the finest classic children's clothes. That definitely was instilled in me and I love dressing my girls.

Q: Why do you chose to dress your children in these styles?

A: I love classic and traditional. My style is very classic and traditional too. I think these styles are timeless and pieces you can pass down to your children and grandchildren for generations to come!

A Little Bit About Caroline

Caroline Hernandez is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana. She's lived in this beloved town most of her life and now lives in Shreveport with her husband, two children, and Golden Doodle puppy. Caroline's creativity and love for visual arts took flight when she began school at Ole Miss. She graduated with a degree in art with a focus on graphic design. From there, Caroline started working at a paper store where she was designing custom paper goods. She instantly recognized her passion and talent for this particular type of graphic design and started her own company, Sweet Caroline Designs.

Caroline started her business as a wholesale company that focused on products such as planners and other paper goods. She sold her products to boutiques across the nation for 5 years before switching back to her roots of designing customizable stationary and paper goods for retail sales. It was during this time that Caroline started her blog, sweetcarolinedesigns, which thrives today as an inside look into her family life with two young children, a style guide, and a lifestyle blog. Caroline's website and blog have allowed her to balance being a mom (her favorite job) while still investing in her creativity. Along the way, she has discovered her love for baking. She frequently posts new recipes she's trying that are fun and festive. We especially want to try Caroline's take on the famous Mardi Gras treat, The King Cake.

Caroline is looking forward to new collaborations in 2022 as well as some trips she has planned with her girls. We can't wait to see what the new year holds for sweetcarolinedesigns!