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Snappy Turtles: An le Themed Birthday Bash

A child’s birthday celebration is always a special occasion. The memories created at the party will be an important staple of their childhood and something your child can look back on and remember fondly. Pictures of the event will be cherished and saved in family photo albums, and it’s a great way to show your child all the family and friends who love and care for them.

It’s no question you want your child’s birthday to be a wonderful experience for both children and adults, but planning the perfect birthday bash can be quite seem quite daunting, especially knowing where to start. We wrote this blog post to inspire ideas for your child’s next birthday party and breakdown the planning the decorating process for you. Before you know it, you’ll be brain storming ideas, making lists, and planning your next birthday extravaganza.

It all starts with a theme. Once you have selected the theme you can start planning the location, décor, guest list, and all things party related. The Snappy Turtle Collection at little english is an approachable, fun, and classic theme for any birthday boy or girl. He or she will be outfitted in the very best pieces from the Snappy Turtle collection and he or she will stand out and shine as the birthday boy or girl. Not to mention, the pinks, blues, and greens from this collection make a wonderful color scheme for a party. You even have options when it comes to the specificity of the theme. You can stick with just Snappy Turtles or you can expand it to an “Under The Sea” theme with an emphasis on turtles. Whichever you seem fit for your birthday boy or girl.


Let’s Celebrate Outdoors!

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer. Right now is the perfect time to start planning your child’s outdoor birthday party. With the right party décor, you can transform any space into a beautiful venue with a laid back, yet up-scale feel.

For an outdoor party, children will have plenty of room to run and play while adults can mingle and socialize. Both a party in the park and a backyard party have a classic and casual feel to them that match the essence of the Snappy Turtle Collection. For either of these parties we suggest dressing the birthday girl in the Applique Pocket T-Shirt Dress in Snappy Turtle. This playful dress features two adorable applique turtles on the pockets and fun pink and white stripes. For the birthday boy, we suggest

the Applique T-Shirt in Snappy Turtle and the Basic Short in Green Twill. Both outfits are play friendly and absolutely precious.

A Pool Party

What do turtles love to do? Swim of course! Pool part is a great option for older children who are strong swimmers. Dress your birthday girl in the Flutter One Piece in Snappy Turtle or the Flutter Two Piece in Snappy Turtle. Each swim suit features a sweet pink ruffle detailing. For the birthday boy, we love the Sanibel Board Short in Snappy Turtle for a playful and on theme outfit. For a pool party cover up, check out our Beach Popover’s in Light Blue and Pink. For more Snappy Turtle fun, add turtle floats, colorful pool noodles, and sea creature pool toys.

Delightful Décor

Whether you are choosing a party in the park, a backyard party, or a pool party, having the right décor for the occasion is crucial. How you chose to decorate your space can transform any patio, pavilion, or outdoor area. Hanging décor like tissue paper pom poms, lanterns, and banners are a great way to utilize your space and draw the eye upwards.

Adding white table cloth and table runners to outdoor seating areas adds sophistication to your venue and easily dresses up any pavilion. If you want to transform your space even more, you can add floral arrangements to the tables for a personal touch.

Creating an on-theme backdrop or balloon arch at your party is way to add color and texture to your space while also encouraging guests to take pictures. You can request guests send in all pictures and offer to print them off copies. That way both of you will have photos of the amazing birthday memories being made!

Tasty Treats and Snacks

What’s a birthday without cake? Having a snack table with salty and sweet snacks will keep guests happy and it’s a great way to decorate your space. Whether you’re making everything yourself or leaving the baking to your favorite local bakery, here are some Snappy Turtle recipe ideas for a cake, snacks, and refreshments. This “Under The Sea” Snack Mix and Party Pretzels make a tasty sweet and salty treat for kids and adults. Both recipes are a colorful addition to the Snappy Turtle theme. For hydration and a little bit of added fun, whip up “Sea Water” to put on display and for guests to drink. Don’t be afraid to add some Sweedish Fish or other under the sea gummies to pack on the fun.

Planning a party is hard work! It takes a lot of time and effort. With a Snappy Turtle themed birthday, you can dress your birthday boy or girl in classic and quality clothing all while creating a fun and memorable birthday. Create memories that you’ll have for a lifetime with a Snappy Turtle birthday. We love to see how you dress your children in little english. For any and all picture submissions, email customerservice@littleenglish.com for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!